Cyclosporiasis in travellers returning from Mexico

We have had a number of reports of illness from clients returning from Mexico, with some clients being hospitalised whilst in resort as result of their symptoms.
The Travel Health Pro Organisation has previously issued the following information on their website…
‘Since June 2015, an ongoing outbreak of cyclosporiasis has affected a number of UK travellers who have returned from Mexico, of … Read More

What you need to know, if you get sick on holiday

The summer holiday season is fast approaching and soon many people will be heading off on a well-deserved and long-anticipated break in the sun.
Unfortunately for lots of families, their holiday they have looked forward to and saved all year for can be ruined when stomach illness strikes.
We are regularly instructed by client’s whose all-inclusive holidays have been ruined when … Read More

New Reported Food Poisoning in Sharm El Sheikh

Another new client who has contracted food poisoning in Sharm El Sheikh, has instructed to pursue a claim for damages against the Tour Operator.
Hayley Briers, Partner at Dalgarno Solicitors says “We regularly hear from new clients who have suffered food poisoning whilst on an All-Inclusive holiday in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. The cause of the food poisoning is commonly … Read More

Advice if you get Food Poisoning on Holiday

Causes of food poisoning and gastric illness on holiday include unhygenic food preparation methods, non-filtered water. It is very important to try to avoid foods that have been:
Not cooked thoroughly
Re-heated incorrectly
Not prepared hygienically
Not stored at the correct temperature
Left open to pests such as insects, birds and vermin

Symptoms of food poisoning can be felt hours or even weeks after eating these … Read More

Been sick on a cruise holiday in last 3 years?

The rising popularity of cruise holidays will inevitably mean that complaints against cruise lines and their operators will increase.
One of the biggest UK cruise liners is P&O Cruises, who are actually part of the Carnival Group who own Cunard, Princess Cruises, Carnival Cruises and Costa Cruises as well.
Claims against cruise operators can be complicated because the law and regulation may … Read More

Reported Food Poisoning in Sharm El Sheikh

We have had another reported case of food poisoning on an all-inclusive holiday to Sharm El Sheik. We are now claiming damages from the Tour Operator. If you have suffered food poisoning symptoms on an all-inclusive holiday, you could also claim.
Average compensation awards range between £1,700 and £2,000.
Find out in 15 seconds if you can claim
Make your Claim … Read More