Been sick on a cruise holiday in last 3 years?

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Been sick on your Cruise Holiday in last 3 years? Call on 0845 982 5501

The rising popularity of cruise holidays will inevitably mean that complaints against cruise lines and their operators will increase.

One of the biggest UK cruise liners is P&O Cruises, who are actually part of the Carnival Group who own Cunard, Princess Cruises, Carnival Cruises and Costa Cruises as well.

Claims against cruise operators can be complicated because the law and regulation may vary dependent on where the cruise was booked, where the cruise ship accident occurred and where it was travelling to and from.

The very experienced team of travel lawyers at can take all the complications out of claiming compensation against P&O, Princess Cruises, or any other cruise liner if your contract was made in the United Kingdom.

Steps to take to bring a Claim

If you are dissatisfied with the service provided by your cruise operator, there are simple steps that need to be taken to make a successful Holiday Compensation Claims against P&O Cruises.

We always recommend that you take all of your booking documentation, as well a copy of the brochure description or web description, with you on your cruise. That means if you have a P&O Cruises Complaint whilst on board you can show them what was promised in comparison to what you are receiving.

Cruise operators must provide you with what they have agreed to in their holiday description and if they fail to do so, it is important that you complain whilst on board the cruise, to a P&O Cruises representative. You should ensure you keep a written record of your complaint and ask the representative to sign the complaint form. Take photographs and video evidence to help you claim compensation against P&O Cruises when you return to the UK.

When you get home, unless your complaint involved an accident or any illness on board the cruise liner, you should complain within 28 days.

If you have been injured on a holiday with P&O Cruises, we recommend that you seek legal advice because you may be able to make a substantial compensation claim.

For more information or to make a claim for holiday sickness contact us by Email Us or call 0845 982 5501